Annual Antiques & Vintage Sale



Ted & Sylvia Davis
Sylvia’s Sterling, San Francisco CA

Carol Mitchell, Hemet, CA

Dusty Schmidt & Janet Davidoff
Chinook Estate Sales, Canby, OR

(L) Jordan Brown & Josalyn Brown (R), Truckee High Volleyball Volunteers, pictured with a 1950’s
vintage teddy bear, pick a lucky winner in the
daily drawing for antique bucks!

Harlee Wetherby, Truckee High
Volleyball Volunteer with Apple,
Ashlocks, Madras OR picks a lucky
winner in the daily drawing for
antique bucks!

Kelly Cross, Truckee High
Volleyball Volunteer picks a lucky
winner in the daily drawing for
antique bucks!

(L) Bonnie & Tom Pettit, Steve Bigelow, Suki Hitz & Phil Dallas (R), The Sierra Steam and cLockworks Agency, Nevada City CA visit the Annual Truckee Benefit Antique Show.

Gene & Marlene Koon of Century House Antiques, Willows CA

Outstanding selection of vintage prints
offered by Leonard & Bonnie Kieley of
Wallflowers, Los Molinas CA

(L) Mike Turic, Rhonda Elliott & Kendel Elliott
(R), Salt Lake City, UT — winners of the daily
drawing for “Antique Bucks”
at the Truckee Show!

(L) Barb and Bob Olesen of Gold Rush Antiques, Penn Valley, CA with now retired Judy and Kenny Lang of Miracle Glass Repair, Grass Valley, CA

Veteran collectors ANITA BUNCH AND DIANE NEGRETE of Sacramento, CA attend Twin Bridges’ Truckee Show


Originally founded in 1974 by the Truckee Wolverine Boosters Club, the Show continues to raise money for Truckee High School’s scholarship, academic and sports programs. Twin Bridges Antique Productions, promoters of quality antiques shows throughout California and Southern Oregon since 1982 has promoted the Truckee Antiques’ Show since 2008. The Truckee Show was previously promoted by Walter Larsen of Walter Larsen and Associates, Alameda for thirty-three years.

In 1974, Walter Larsen, long-time promoter of antique shows throughout the Western States, began promoting an annual summer antique show at Truckee High School benefitting programs of the School’s Boosters Club. Over the years, the show grew is popularity as antique enthusiasts with summer homes as well as local and regional collectors faithfully patronized this event. When Walter Larsen called in 2007 and asked if I’d take over promotion of the Truckee Show,” says Carole Berry of Twin Bridges Antique Productions, “I was deeply touched that this veteran promoter of forty plus years wanted me to ‘carry the torch’. After all, I’d only promoted shows for twenty six years! When we visited the show that July, I was very impressed with the quality and diversity of merchandise. Approximately fifty booths are creatively woven into the layout of Truckee High School, utilizing hallways, the cafeteria and gymnasium, literally every available space. With my experience, this sort of layout wouldn’t normally be effective, yet as I browsed through the various rooms, nooks and crannies, I discovered high end dealers of quality merchandise at every turn!” says Carole Berry.

Because of the long-standing reputation of this Show for strong support from shoppers, many dealers travel from other states, including Idaho, Missouri, Nebraska, Oregon, Nevada, Tennessee, Utah and Washington to take part in the Truckee Show. They bring a wide variety of merchandise, including turn-of-the-century oak and walnut furnishings, lighting fixtures, kitchen and country primitives, Victorian colored and art glass, American art pottery, sterling silver and silverplate flatware and holloware, estate and costume jewelry, watches, fine porcelains and china, toys and dolls, American folk art, and ephemera (including prints, maps, and other paper collectibles.)

Slot machines and gambling related items are popular due to the proximity to Nevada casinos. “I suspect a number of dealers enjoy the added benefit of visiting said casinos while not at the Show!” says Carole.

Visits from celebrities are not uncommon, in years’ past including patronage by the late Leonard Nimoy, American actor and film director, best known for his role as Spock on Star Trek. Veteran antiques dealer Lenore Fultz, of Trail’s End Antiques, Tennessee, had an amusing tale to tell of Mr. Nimoy’s visit to the 2007 Show. Apparently he and his son were interested in a set of china in the Fultz’ booth. Lenore reports that she didn’t realize who they were! As he didn’t take credit cards, Mr. Nimoy had to borrow $100 from someone at the Show to use as a deposit. He said he’d be back in the morning to pick up the dishes. When morning came, he was there with cash in hand.

While Lenore’s husband, Ed was wrapping the dishes, she cautioned the Nimoys that they’d need to be repacked for safe travel when they flew home. His son smiled and said that it wouldn’t be a problem as they had their own private plane. Aware that Mr. Nimoy realized that she didn’t recognize him, Lenore theorized that he assumed “folks from Tennessee don’t have TV’s! ”


Founder of the
Truckee High
Antique Show

2/1/1929 to 4/23/2014

(L) Walter Larsen, founder of the Truckee Antiques
Show with long time associate Bruce Dowling

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