Collectors discover treasures at the Dixon Show

(L) Erika and Analia Gomez (R)
Girl Scout Troop 2358 pick a lucky drawing winner

(L) Karen Duncan, Amy Pretti, Denise Raycraft, Patti Crotzer (Antique Show Chairperson), Christey Hatfield and Andrea Kett (R), Soroptimists International of Dixon providing food service at the Dixon Benefit Antique & Vintage Show 

Carolla Cantrell & Adrienne Kauffmann, Friends of the
Dixon Public Library

Collectible & Antique Book Sale by
Friends of the
Dixon Public Library

Contact Friends of the Dixon
Public Library to arrange for
donations of books &
to visit their Bookstore
in Downtown Dixon

Contact them at:  
(707) 678-5447

Savannah Coggins, Girl Scout Troop
2358 Dixon picks a lucky drawing winner

Sober Grad Night Basket Raffle
2019 Chaired by Kelly Huff

(L) Glen Movey of Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Fresno
with Kris Hegland, (R), Twin Bridges’ Show Manager

Myrla Vanassen of Foresthill, CA

Craig & Jane Torlucci of Craig & Jane’s Collectibles,
Concord, CA

Richard & Margaret Vanlaanmartin, Paradise, CA

(L) Trek Portillo, JMJ Jewelry,
Sacramento & Mandy Elf, Manager,
Bud’s Restaurant, Dixon

Lori Hughes, Pine Cottage Antiques,
El Sobrante CA

Floyd Pearson
Lakehead, CA

Ernest & Linda Portillo
JMJ Jewelry, Sacramento CA

Patricia Yokom of
Dixon Soroptimists
models a “mystery piece”
Any clues?

Decorating With Yard Sale Finds and Family Mementos
An Interview With Patricia Yokom, Co-Chairperson of
the 7th Annual Antique Show & Sale at the Dixon May Fair

“If you see something you just love, its best to buy it ‘cause’ in an antique store it won’t hang around . . . if you really love it, you’ll find a way to use it!”, says Patricia Yokom of Dixon, California. Unlike most of us who have family momentoes and yard sale finds stored in cupboards and drawers, never to see the light of day, Patricia Yokom has mastered the art of creatively recycling, displaying and giving new life to her favorite things.

Her sewing room, guest room and master bedroom are filled with examples of her genius: A circa 1940’s British department store mannequin displays a Victorian dress, gloves from her childhood hang with other momentoes near family portraits, a vintage fabric border on a pillow sham adorned with sewing notions is transformed into a picture, a doll house with a glass top becomes a lamp table, the clear base of a table lamp displays her Mother’s 1920s and 30’s depression-era buttons, a collage of family photos under glass gives new life to a distressed writing desk, a 1940’s-50’s bedspread adorned with a “yo yo” fabric border becomes an impressive wall hanging, a shabby sheik “window” with vintage curtains expands the virtual size of her laundry room, vintage hair ornaments are attractively grouped together in an oval frame, a fabric bottom masks damage to a charming hanging birdcage discovered at the Salvation Army, and Victorian ladies boots and a Spode china rose tea cup with fresh roses to match become attractive table centerpieces.

“Its one thing to have them stored in your garage, but to be able to have them out and enjoy them [is so much more satisfying],” says Patricia. Patricia Yokom of Dixon, California is well known in the greater Sacramento area for her knowledge of vintage fashion. Recent speaking engagements include the Dixon Library; A.A.U.W. , Davis; Newcomers, Roseville; the Antique Interest Group of The Farm Circle, Davis; PEO groups in Modesto and Davis, as well as a television appearance on Sacramento and Company, Channel 10.

Mrs. Yokom currently serves on the Soroptimist of Dixon, International’s Annual Antique Show Committee and has served as Antique Show Chairperson for past events. She is a member of the Dixon Chamber of Commerce and Friends of the Dixon Public Library. About the mystery piece: The lace shown was used in Victorian times to conceal double chins!

About the mystery piece: The lace shown was used in Victorian times to hide double chins!

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